Places to visit in Spain

The Costas and other Places to Visit in Spain

If you are searching for places to visit in Spain or are considering moving to Spain you need to be sure to find the right area or destination. The Spanish costas running from North to South consist of the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa del Azahar, Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, Costa de Almeria, Costa Tropical, Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz.

Popular places to visit in Spain

There are also many inland towns and places to visit in Spain and the white villages offer their own unique charm. For holidays and vacations it is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, most of the beaches are to a high standard with full facilities, there are many places to visit in Spain both on the mainland and the Islands.

The main tourist destinations on the mainland tend to be the Costa Blanca, Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol but the other resorts are certainly not short of tourism and Expats who have chosen their preferred area for their new lifestyle.

Places to visit in Spain – The Alhambra

There are many places to visit in Spain from the incredible Moorish Palace Alhambra de Granada and the impressive Seville Cathedral which is one of the largest and most stunning Cathedrals in the world, in fact this is where you will find the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Tenerife has the fascinating rock formations at Mount Teide, this is the highest peak in the whole of Spain. See our full list of places to visit in Spain.

If you are moving to Spain rather than a holiday you need to be absolutely sure that it’s the right move for you. So many people leave their brains on the runway and get caught up in the holiday mode, it’s so easy to go wrong, you need patience and a dogged determination if you don’t want to end up as a sad statistic like so many have before you.

The good news is that by following some simple guidelines and thinking hard before you commit to anything, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a much better standard of life in sunny Spain.

What seems to attract most of us is the thought of the glorious weather and how nice it would be to wake up every morning to the sunshine but remember, this will eventually ware off and you will take it for granted, so ask yourself would you really be happy living in a hot climate? (I’ll bet you answer a definite YES to that!)

Strange as it may seem, although the sun is fantastic in the beginning every so often most of us yearn to see a cloud and some ice cold rain in your face.

The lifestyle in Spain is a lot more laid back and even the simplest things tend to take an age to get done, it’s that mañana syndrome which is still very much alive. It takes a bit adjusting to and can be really frustrating at first, then you either accept and adapt or have blood pressure issues! One thing’s for sure, living in Spain is a complete change of lifestyle for the better but it’s not a holiday, you should think really carefully about it.

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